Specials 2017


Bush Craft in Africa

žBush-craftThe skill of living in the wilderness

žBush-craft enables our students to have a unique perspective on ‘The South African Bush’.

žA skilled Bush crafter must understand Nature and all its complexities.

žTrying to teach our students to minimalize their footprint and always put something back.

žIn bringing Students out to the bush, we are helping them understand and respect nature a little more and consider the environment

žShowing the children precisely why their natural environment is so precious is paramount – a crucial step or foundation stone!

žWe can also demonstrate what nature has to offer, over and above your local supermarket store.

žBush Whisper offers the following in our weekend packages for either schools, Teambuilding or groups:

žPlants and Tree’s

stap 7

žFire craft

vuur 3

žShelter craft

welcome bwkamp 1




Knife Craft


First Aid and Safety Routinesž

first aid

Camp craft and Wilderness Cooking

brood 1

žTracking and Natural Awareness

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ush-craft is really about enjoying nature – understanding what it has to offer and leaving our students more ’rounded’ and confident

A short video Clip of our Bush Craft weekend: